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About Me.

My name is Nicole Keegan, owner of Dreki Soul. I am a certified Yoga Instructor, Thai Yoga Practitioner, Reiki Master and have had the honor of being ordained as a Norse High Priestess. A few years ago the true principles of yoga clicked with me. Yoga was no longer about stretching–it was about connecting my mind and body. About being more mindful and kind and showing compassion to others. It is about being present.  Living yoga in your everyday life. The more connected I was with my mind and body, the more I was able to sit with myself in meditation. As time went by, I started performing rituals to help my spirit grow and heal.

Healing is transformative. By sharing my own healing experiences and the practices that have helped me, I hope to inspire and support others who are on their own healing path. Together, we can create a community that fosters growth, connection, and well-being. When I reflect back on my life, even the painful parts of my path, I feel beyond blessed to be on this journey and to have found the path that resonates with me. 

Through teaching about the benefits of yoga, meditation, reiki and by working with deities who provide strength and power, my desire is to provide holistic healing to my spirit and to those who are connected into my spiritual ecosystem.

I feel deeply connected to the universe and incredibly grateful to have awakened and found my true purpose. 



2022 - 2023

Reiki 1 & 2 Training

Reiki, a form of energy healing, is an ancient practice that is used to reduce stress, improve health and quality of life, and support physical and emotional healing.


Reiki Master Training

Completed all 3 levels of Reiki training.


Somatic Breathwork Training

Somatic breathwork is a therapeutic practice that uses conscious breathing to connect the mind and body, and to highlight the relationship between breath and emotions. The word "somatic" comes from the Greek word sōmatikos, which means "of the body". The practice is based on ancient and modern breathing techniques, and can help the body and mind take in more oxygen.


200 HR Yoga Alliance Training 

Training consists of daily meditation and all levels practice, followed by an exploration of the principles of Hatha Yoga, including practice teaching, teaching to multiple levels, sequencing, working with injuries, and nutritional guidance.


Thai Yoga Bodywork Training

Thai yoga bodywork focuses on improving and balancing the flow of energy throughout the body and combines dynamic-assisted stretching influenced by yoga with physical pressure applied along energy lines influenced by Chinese acupuncture and Ayurveda.


Bay Path University 

Currently pursuing a business degree in Entrepreneurship.

About Anna


My name is Anna Courtois. Born into fire I have learned to rise again and again from the ashes. I always felt like a misfit and an outcast, wishing for a home. So I created that home within myself 🌸✨

For over a decade I’ve been practicing yoga on and off the mat. My masters level education as a Behavior Analyst, Reiki and Sound practitioner, and deep understanding of shadow and light work has lead me to a unique approach to whole person healing. Alignment of our highest truths - mind, body, and soul.






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40 Maine Avenue, Easthampton, MA 01027

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