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Classes & Rituals

Each class is intuitively tailored to class attendees. Helping you tune in to your body and mind, and help you quiet your thoughts and focus on your breath while providing hands on assistance and reiki healing. Blankets, bolsters, yoga mats, props and pillows will be provided. All you need to bring is yourself and an open mind. 


Mindful Yoga w/ Assist: 9 am

Thai-Reiki-Sound Restoration Yoga:   10:30 am


Moon Slow Flow w/ Reiki & Sound: 5 pm

Tuesday (Virtual)

Drop in Meditation (15 min): 12 pm

Wednesday (Virtual)

Drop in Meditation (15 min): 12 pm


Reflect & Restore Somatic Yoga: 6 pm


Somatic Yoga: 8:30 am


Funky Flow: 9:15 am

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Somatic Yoga

Somatic yoga is designed to help you become more embodied—or led by how you feel in your body. Somatics is about body-mind integration. Our muscles can become tight or restricted due to development reasons, habitual patterns, emotional stress, injuries or trauma. Small, slow and gentle movements are used to re-educate the brain so that it can relax and move these muscles more functionally.


Thai-Reiki Restorative Yoga 

Thai-Reiki combines both Thai Yoga Body Work and Reiki in one restorative yoga class. Participants will be asked to recline on a yoga mat/blanket/props. They will be instructed to take restorative yoga poses while the instructor/practitioner moves around the room providing Reiki and Thai yoga body work.


Mindful Yoga 

Gentle yoga class to connect with nature and let all your worries and stress be absorbed by the healing energy of the earth.


Moon Slow Flow with  Reiki Healing

In Norse mythology, a distinction is made between two different meanings of the name 'Maní', meaning moon.
One is the cosmic phenomenon 'the moon', and in the other sense it refers to a mythical person. Monday was the day of the moon, and is named after the mythical person 'Maní'.

Unwind and connect with Mother Moon every Monday coming together for a meditative yoga practice, where Nicole will provide assistance and Reiki healing within poses and meditation. It's the perfect way to find peace, balance, and strengthen your emotional well-being.


Divine Feminine Yoga

Connect to your inner goddess. The goddess energy that exists in all of us. The divine power that connects and binds the Earth together. This yoga class is a magical experience as the cares of the world melt away and deeper levels of inner peace & happiness surface from remembering who they really are . . . a Goddess ♡


Anxiety Relief Somatic Movement

Let go of stress and anxiety as you connect your mind and body through gentle, somatic movements, finishing with the healing energy of Reiki during meditation. Say goodbye to tension and embrace tranquility with us.

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