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Sharing the Magick of Wellness


Dreki Soul was born out of my own journey of healing trauma. My life has been a pendulum swing from puddle on the floor, paralyzed with anxiety to ferocious feminine energy dedicated to helping others heal.  The word Dreki is Norse for “dragon.” The term was also used for the great Viking longships, where the prow, when carved like a dragon, was meant to protect and impart ferocity upon the sailors.  Dreki Soul is a trauma-informed wellness business designed to protect and impart ferocity to those who desire to embark on a healing journey.  Dreki Soul promotes tapping into your power. Promoting your creativity and expressing yourself.

Holistic Healing      Yoga       Reiki       Breathwork    Ritual

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Through the Goddess

We can discover our strength

Enlighten our minds

Own our bodies

& Celebrate our emotions

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